“We are open to collaborations that do not dilute the message or the impact of our presentation mode, and are available to all people, without regard to ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, or racial classification.”

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COLLOQUIUM DEPOT, LTD. is a nonprofit 501c(3), that is designed to be a central point for the collection, assembling and distribution of information on violence in modern society, especially Domestic Violence (IPV), Adolescent Violence/Bullying and Gender-related Violence.

Through passing times, we have learned that the prevalence of violence among pre-adolescent and adolescent populations, is a cause of concern in schools across the country, especially when it manifests itself as bullying. We, therefore, chose to encourage youth and the larger population by making BAN ON BULLYING®, the main initiative of our not-for-profit organization.

We are dedicated to creating violence-centered dialogue in our communities by spreading the word about abuse awareness, while bringing youth and their communities together through inter-generational activities, by way of original written presentations, entertainment, and the arts.

BAN ON BULLYING®’s primary objectives, are to organize and conduct fundraising events to raise monies to fund our Anti-bullying programs for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Our interactive approach, through our Educational Outreach program, was designed to: Reduce/eliminate violent, adolescent behavior, specifically, bullying.

Mission Statement

Abuse is violent behavior the abuser uses to exercise power and control over the victim. There are NO age, color, racial, economic, educational, cultural, or religious boundaries prohibiting abusive occurrences. We target youth, adults and parents, as an inclusive demographic, through effective outreach and presentation of content to schools, community youth groups, churches and family-centered organizations.

We are open to collaboration that does not dilute the message or the impact of our presentational mode and are available to all people without regard to ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender or racial classification.


Our perspective includes a continuing effort to eliminate Violence extending to all arenas of life through education, entertainment, technology, and the arts. The reality of violence as a pervasive presence, indicates the difficulty of approaching that goal.

Therefore, our intention is one of long-term committed activity, incrementally encompassing the range of social interactions. Over time, we anticipate that as a result of our efforts and success, that both organizational growth and increased popular participation, will be facilitated by outreach and personal contact.


  1. Reduce/eliminate societal violence
  2. Increase public awareness of violence
  3. Increase public ability to define, identify and stop violence
  4. Emphasize importance of family relationships
  5. Promote non-abusive behavior
  6. Promote anti-abusive values

How We Do It

  1. Inter-generational Discussion Workshops
  2. Community presentation of Biographical Dyad
  3. Theatrical event: A contemporary opera, “TLC – (Tender Loving Control)”
  4. Theatrical event: The Painted Umbrella, Classical Arts Competitions including Voice, Concert Piano, Violin, Viola, etc., and whatever else we might encounter in our outreach, EXCLUDING profanity and/or disparagement of targeted populations
  5. Varied TV shows/Documentaries and including family/fashion shows
  7. Creation of COME VISIT THE NEW HARLEM and LET YOUR ART HANG OUT (under development)



R. Ashton Wall


Annette McFarland
Clarence Nathan
Crystal McKenzie
Dee Patel
Loretta Friedman
Marea Parker
Sheryl Scott
Verna Hampton


Colloquium Depot, Ltd.
P. O. Box 617
New York, New York 10159
Phone: 212-689-9650



TLC (Tender/Loving/Control) a Contemporary Opera

Written with a focus on family relationships, new friendships, and women’s rights, while in search of success and happiness, TLC is a contemporary Romeo & Juliet opera, that speaks of love, disguised bullying and control, through carefully staged and handled … manipulation.


BAN ON BULLYING® is the main initiative of our not-for-profit organization, while organizing and conducting fundraising events to fund additional programs, focusing on the reduction and elimination of violent, adolescent behavior.

Educational Outreach

Our experience base includes: program development for ‘at risk’ students using writing and performance as educational tools; playwriting commissions and teaching artist residences; workshops focusing on youth and educational issues; 

Umbrella Project

In partnership with The Umbrella Project, we engaged an art teacher that helped mostly children ages 12 to 16 (some as young as 4 years of age, upon occasion), to paint umbrellas, creating messages on what, ‘Ban on Bullying’ meant to them.

BAN ON BULLYING® the ARTS Movement New York Fundraising

BAN ON BULLYING® The Arts Movement, is the main initiative of our not-for-profit organization. We organize and conduct fundraising events to fund additional programs focusing on the reduction and elimination of violent behavior, adolescent and adult alike.

Other Events

Colloquium Depot has hosted a number of events over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Below are a sampling of past events and preview of events to come. 

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