Ramona Ashton Wall


Founder / CEO

Ramona Ashton Wall, a New York City-based American author, lyricist, actor, composer and writer, has been a renowned entertainment professional for more than 30 years. She is founder of Colloquium Depot, Ltd, a non-profit 501 c(3) organization committed to Combating Abuse/Bullying in a non-confrontational manner, through Education, Entertainment and the Arts, focusing on promotion of positive family relationships through inter-generational activities. When she learned about the prevalence of violence among adolescent populations, she was concerned and encouraged youth and the larger population by creating BAN ON BULLYING® The Arts Movement, a novel approach to curtailing destructive social behaviors.

In her early years, she was accepted into P.J. Wilhousky’s New York All-City High School Chorus; graduated as an opera singer from the High School of Music & Art (M&A); and with passing time, became the Executive Director of COLLOQUIUM DEPOT. Initially, as a writer and a lyricist, one of her famous works, known as “Accidentally Bajan” for which a reading session was organized in June 2012, was much-appreciated in the industry and renamed as TLC (Tender/Loving/Control). It was proposed for presentation in 2016. Her main focus remains to host charitable, cultural and entertainment events for children, adults and senior citizens. In addition to this, she designs, develops and sponsors family-oriented activities to create awareness through workshops in major cities. This will encourage people to take good hold on their lives and convert bad times into good. The major goal of the organization is to cultivate and encourage the next generation of worthy entertainment professionals to rise and showcase their talent.

Ramona Ashton Wall’s premier reading event was held at The Actor’s Studio in New York directed by Angelica Page (daughter of Geraldine Page/Rip Torn).

Recently, she teamed with Danny Simmons, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Pauline Houston McCall in forming “The Artist’s Corner,” a segment of the proposed IVY TV show for YouTube™ TV/Streaming. She shares a motivational message for others who are looking forward to contribute to the entertainment industry: “Working in this industry is challenging and exciting, so be passionate about your job and the field will welcome you.” Her professional skills are excellent and nothing can stop her to achieve more.