The Arts Movement


The Arts Movement

BAN ON BULLYING® The Arts Movement is the main initiative of our not-for-profit organization, while organizing and conducting fundraising events to fund additional programs, focusing on the reduction and elimination of violent, adolescent behavior.

BAN ON BULLYING®’s fundraising initiatives will also help fund our Educational Outreach Programs designed to prevent bullying, child abuse and neglect.

What We Do

Our fundraising events for the upcoming year, beginning in New York City and Philadelphia, PA, will include:

The First Annual BAN ON BULLYING® Commemoration Event

under the heading of, “Together for a Better World”. At this event, T-shirts will be auctioned and sold.

TLC (Tender/Loving/Control)

At the drama with music, TLC (Tender/Loving/Control), T-shirts will be sold.

The Painted Umbrellas

The Painted Umbrellas will be auctioned/sold online, at street fairs and other designated fundraising events held by churches, Sororities, schools, etc.


T-shirts/hoodies will also be sold online, street fairs, and other Designated fundraising events. For this year, the T-shirt worn by all of whom are directly involved in the COMMEMORATION, will depict a bull hidden under flowers, that is exposed as it changes colors … only under sunlight. A second T-Shirt depicts only changing flowers and the trademarked slogan BAN ON BULLYING®.

“Some Things Good: Some Things Evil”

Due to the Corona Virus, for 2021, we have put the presentation of our novel, “Some Things Good: Some Things Evil,” on hold, and created a new program of fun and laughter, that can lead to self-discoveries, friendships, women’s rights, and way to combat bullying; all through the arts, entitled ICY-TV THE MOVEMENT.

ICY-TV (Imagination, Creativity and You) is proposed as a weekly news and variety family TV Show, where people of all ages, generations and cultures, can share new things about themselves, while helping to discover doors that can lead to happiness and success.