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Where is the Bull? Fundrasing Event

Download the Ramscale fundraising event flyer from November 2015

BAN ON BULLYING® The Arts Movement New York Fundraising

BAN ON BULLYING® The Arts Movement, is the main initiative of our not-for-profit organization. We organize and conduct fundraising events to fund additional programs focusing on the reduction and elimination of violent behavior, adolescent and adult alike.

Our fundraising for the coming year will begin with a Commemorative Event, under the heading of, “Together for a Better World.” At this event, there will be the inter-generational creation/designing of art on paper cut-outs shaped like umbrella panels and traced onto white umbrellas and painted.

They will be encouraged for sale at specially held auctions and online, street fairs and other designated fundraising events held by churches, fraternities,sororities, etc.

Dollars Raised

Never stop giving to make the village what you want it to be – a safe place.


Building a sense of community, kinship, and an opportunity to feel good while doing good.


Our board members, partner organizations, suppliers and friends make all the difference.


Equals bullies subdued as we reduce / eliminate societal violence through public awareness.


Our operations and area of service span from Pittsburgh to New York to Philadelphia.


Focusing on Combating Abuse/Bullying through Education, Entertainment and the Arts.