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Umbrella Project

In partnership with The Umbrella Project, we engaged an art teacher that helped mostly children ages 12 to 16 (some as young as 4 years of age, upon occasion), to paint umbrellas, creating messages on what, ‘Ban on Bullying’ meant to them.

Working four to an umbrella, the youth were helped by the teacher to interpret their emotions into art that were painted on the umbrellas and were later shown at art galleries (See RAMSCALE and GIBNEY ART STUDIOS).

These umbrellas will be made available for sale to the general public during 2021, at a time when the new umbrellas will be shown in Art Galleries (venue to be decided).

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Never stop giving to make the village what you want it to be – a safe place.


Building a sense of community, kinship, and an opportunity to feel good while doing good.


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Equals bullies subdued as we reduce / eliminate societal violence through public awareness.


Our operations and area of service span from Pittsburgh to New York to Philadelphia.


Focusing on Combating Abuse/Bullying through Education, Entertainment and the Arts.